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Interactive and personalized online class sessions according to the student’s immediate needs and purpose at one click away. Learn Spanish or English by choosing the two programs available for you: The Latin American Spanish Program and The American English Program.

Can you please tell me a bit more about the online class sessions?

Zoom and Google Meet

Zoom and Google Meet are the video conference applications used for online Spanish or English meeting sessions.

Tailor-made Online classes

The classes are focused on what the student needs and requires: business, a trip, regular language learning, grammar, a job opportunity, etc.

Integral Learning

The four language skills are used during each one of my lessons: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Four-module Program

The American English Program and The Latin American Spanish Program is divided into 4 modules: Intro, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the application used for homework, tests, and grading. The student will have homework at the end of each online class session. Exams are only applied in the Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Final Project

A Final Mega Project in Spanish or English must be presented online at the end of each module. The student presents the project in Zoom or Google Meet.

Do you use textbooks and supporting resources for your classes?

Yes, of course! These are the supporting resources I use for my online class sessions.


2nd Edition New Interchange. Cambridge University Press textbooks and 4 official video DVD’s.


5th Edition Vistas: Introducción a la Lengua Española Book, official CD video episodes, and CD Vistas Program Intro.


2nd Edition New Interchange. Cambridge University Press official audio CD’s


Level One Barron’s: Mastering Spanish audio CD’s with official book and guide booklet.

Digital resources used for our online class sessions

These resources are used by the tutor for a better understanding and comprehension of the American English and Latin American Spanish language.

Kindle Reader

I use the Amazon Reader App to teach Spanish or English by reading books of different genres.


I use the Spotify app to teach Spanish or English by listening to songs in both languages.


Scenes and sections from selected films and conferences adapted to the student’s needs.


I use the Quizlet App to teach Spanish or English by displaying vocabulary flashcards.


I use the Kahoot! app to teach Spanish or English by exercising the languages with the student online.

Student Document Guide

I use the Student Document Guide in PDF to display the topics in my Spanish and English online sessions.

Interested in taking one of the language courses?

You’re in your way to begin your learning journey with me.

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